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We love people, and know collaboration makes learning flourish. So we aim to continuously bring people together to discuss, evolve and educate through meetups and events. Find one that suits you down below!


Loopshop - Mastering Loops

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Working Remote


Creating a Learning Culture

Learning Expert

Invite a Learning Expert

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Magnetic Meetings


Basics of Digital Didactics and Methodology


Webinar (in swedish)

How to create and harbor talent in an ever changing future.

Kristoffer, webinar
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Upcoming events

How about a webinar, seminar, Loopshop or educational debate maybe?

External events

Meet us when we're out and about discussing the future of learning, speaking at international conventions or showcasing how you can use Loops to create learning.

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“Loops is visually powerful! It’s not just a tool that facilitates learning. It’s a way to understand learning and plays and important role in introducing change”

Nick Dakin, Nordea